"A well-filled calendar for Univé advisors"


“We would like to talk to farmers who are not yet our clients.” That was Univé’s thinking when it contacted AgriDirect. Univé has been an important player in the agricultural insurance sector for years. They wanted to bring their services to the attention of arable and dairy farmers who were not clients of Univé yet.

Univé and AgriDirect already had good contact through the delivery of various market research reports. This time, Univé wanted to use one of AgriDirect’s other services. They opted for an appointment generation project for Univé Het Zuiden.

First of all, arable and dairy farmers from two of Univé’s operational areas were selected from AgriDirect’s Dutch Agricultural Database. After matching with the Univé customer database, the existing customers were filtered out. A selection of about 200 non-customers received a mailing offering a free risk analysis. A few days after the letter arrived on the doormat, AgriDirect started the appointment project. During the telephone conversation, interest in the risk analysis was gauged. Where there was interest, the Univé advisors scheduled an appointment for a date and time.

It was a success; both advisors at Univé Het Zuiden had well-filled calendars for the following months.

Univé about the cooperation with AgriDirect:
“We chose this promotion to test whether we could get to the table with the arable and dairy farmers who were still unknown to us. Nearly 30 per cent of the farmers approached turned out to be interested in our risk analysis, either now or at a later date. This was a great result and the perfect opportunity to promote our services to our prospects. We started working with that. Due to the high number of appointments, scheduling a follow-up appointment was sometimes difficult. Because of this, in a possible follow-up action we should pay attention to better distribution of the appointments so our advisors have more time to process the contacts afterwards.”

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