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Easily reach agricultural prospects within your target group with direct marketing campaigns

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Research shows that farmers value face-to-face meetings with advisers or account managers before they make investments. Whether it is about making larger investments, purchasing business equipment or for financial services, the advisor is seen as the most important source of information. Do you want advisors from your company to talk to agricultural businesses personally? We’ll be happy to support you in generating appointments!

We offer two ways to generate appointments for you:

  • Appointments in principle: If you want to maintain control, we contact prospects within your target group by telephone for appointments in principle. This means we contact prospects with the question of whether they are interested in a meeting with an advisor from your company. You will receive company details on the interested businesses that you can then use to schedule an appointment yourself.
  • Appointments by date and time: Don’t want to worry about scheduling in the calendar? Then we take all the work off your hands by generating appointments by date and time. These appointments are then entered directly in your advisors’ calendars. In this way, they know in good time what their calendar will look like for the coming weeks. Of course, this is done in close cooperation and consultation.


Years of knowledge and experience

Farmers are contacted by our professional call centre agents who are permanently employed and have years of experience in the agricultural sector. Of course you will continuously be kept up-to-date with the results.

Complies with Telecommunications Act 2020

According to the draft Telecommunications Act 2020, it is mandatory to have opt-in consent before contacting someone for commercial purposes. AgriDirect has been asking farmers for permission to contact them by telephone for years. In addition to the GDPR, AgriDirect is already anticipating the new amendments to the Telecommunications Act in 2020.

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