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The most complete and up-to-date agricultural database of Germany,
the Netherlands and Belgium

Agricultural addresses

You’re looking for addresses to get in touch with farmers. You’ve come to the right place! With the help of our Agricultural Sector Data Platform, we create your personalised farm data set. This allows you to get started with your marketing and sales activities quickly and effectively.

In total, the platform contains data on 300,000 unique agricultural businesses. AgriDirect updates the platform annually by means of sector update programmes. This enables us to offer you the most complete and up-to-date datasets with prospects within your target group, which directly increase your own potential sales success.

Personal and specific data set

In addition to agricultural addresses, our platform has a wide range of data. Choose the criteria that interest you with a dataset tailored to your needs.

  • Address information, name, address and telephone number.
  • Farm characteristics, including: type and number of animals/area and area per crop, tractors and machines and associated brands.
  • Future plans, including: possible expansion plans, succession situation, exit plans, relocation or emigration plans.
  • Investment plans, including: investment in machinery, barns.
  • Business activities, including: crop protection supplier, compound feed supplier, accountant, house banker, insurer and level of satisfaction.

European database

The following numbers of datasets of active agricultural businesses are available per country:

  • The Netherlands: 53,000
  • Belgium: 40,000
  • Germany: 157,000
  • Poland: 26,000
  • United Kingdom: 47,000
  • Austria: 25,000
  • France: 270,000 (through partner)


Specific information about your target audience

Following your request, a file of agricultural addresses will be compiled based on your desired selection criteria. With this, you will only reach the farmers who are relevant to you, for example those with specific investment plans, organic crops or other characteristics. We provide information on different target groups:

  • Addresses of beef and dairy farmers
  • Addresses of pig farmers
  • Addresses of poultry farmers
  • Addresses of goat farmers
  • Addresses of arable farmers
  • Addresses of field vegetable growers
  • Addresses with maize and grassland
  • Addresses of contractors
  • Addresses of greenhouse growers
  • Addresses of fruit growers
  • Addresses of tree growers
  • Addresses of bulb growers

Do you want to buy datasets/agricultural addresses?

Do you buy data sets? Then you have it all under your control. You will receive a file with the desired data that you can use for your sales and marketing campaigns.
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Or leasing?

Do you want to lease data sets? With this, you can use the data once (or a limited number of times) for marketing campaigns such as direct mailing or emailing.
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