Good market research is a strong basis for your marketing strategy

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Market research for the agricultural sector

From gut feeling to informed choices. Thorough market research in the agricultural market is a strong pillar for your marketing strategy, provided it is well-substantiated. The more you know about the underlying thoughts of your target group, the better you can adapt your marketing strategy to potential customers.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of market research combined with the up-to-date data from our Agricultural Data Platform, we are the ideal partner for you to carry out different types of research. We keep close track of developments in the agricultural sector and select a target group very carefully. We then take a representative sample from this. In this way, we provide three crucial pillars of market research:

  • Correct target group selection
  • Accurate fieldwork
  • Correct analysis


Types of market research


Brand awareness research
A brand awareness survey provides insight into how well-known your company, brand, product or service is within your target group. The greater your brand awareness, the greater the chance that prospects will find you.

Image study
The purpose of an image study is to find out what your target group thinks about your company. How do current or potential customers see your company? And does that match how you think they see your business? In short, does your image meet your expectations?

Customer satisfaction survey
With a customer satisfaction survey, you will find the things you do well as well as what could be improved. This is essential to retain existing customers and create more customer loyalty.

Net Promoter Score
The Net Promoter Score gives you insight into the extent to which your customers recommend you to others. And that is exactly what you want Word of mouth advertising is a highly effective form of marketing!

Competitive analysis
With a competitive analysis, you can always stay one step ahead of other players in the market.

Market research can be conducted online, by telephone or in writing.

Preliminary qualitative phase
If you don’t have enough insight into the existing opinions or views on a subject yet and you want to generate question points for the questionnaire of a quantitative study, it may be relevant to conduct a qualitative study as a preliminary phase.

Custom work

Of course, we also provide customised solutions. Do you want to set up your own market research and conduct it together with us? We never shy away from a challenge!

Contact us for an introductory meeting.

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