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Easily reach agricultural prospects within your target group with direct marketing campaigns

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Do you want to increase your sales in the agricultural sector or get in touch with potential customers? To do that, it is important that what you offer comes to the attention of prospects who are interested in your product or service. Collecting these prospects is called lead generation.

Generating leads from our Agricultural Sector Data Platform
Every year, we contact 11,000 Dutch dairy farms, 9,000 arable farms and contracting firms and over 6,000 horticulture farms by telephone with questions about things like investment plans. By doing this, we generate qualitative, concrete leads for various objects such as tractors, new construction and renovation work, trench silos, milking and cooling technology, feeding technology, etc.

Our approach to lead generation:
With our Agricultural Data Platform sector and very specific target group segmentation, we have insight into the agricultural businesses that are most interested in your product or service. You can purchase these addresses directly or let us approach them with direct marketing campaigns. We then follow up on the leads collected through appointment generation.

Outsourcing lead generation in four steps:

  • Analysis: from our Agricultural Sector Data Platform, with which we map out the target group and potential;
  • Target group segmentation: based on demographics, geography, proposition and trends;
  • Campaigns: Devising, developing and implementing appealing direct marketing campaigns and promotions to attract the attention of potential customers and generate leads;
  • Follow-up: Reporting of high quality leads and possibility of follow-up, including appointment generation.


Reliable, effective and professional: contact by our regular professional call centre agents who have years of experience in lead generation in the agricultural sector. Are you interested in outsourcing lead generation?

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