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Target group analysis: segmenting and matching

The effect of your marketing activities gets a major boost if you perform data segmentation beforehand. How? With data segmentation, we translate the characteristics of your current customers to the total agricultural population. This creates a group of prospects with the same characteristics as your own customers. In this way, you know which prospects are most interested in your products or services.

Data segmentation is based on the characteristics of agricultural entrepreneurs included in our Agricultural Data Platform. We compare this with your customer database and then a comprehensive analysis is done. In this way, we trace the most promising segments of the agricultural market for you and you can focus on these specific prospects, which leads to:

  • Lower market operating costs
  • Better conversion
  • High effectiveness

Or have your own customer database matched

Match your own customer database with our Agricultural Data Platform and discover new prospects in just a few steps:

You provide us with your customer database (at least postcode and house number is required). We then link your customer database to our database with a unique key and check your file for incompleteness. We will then add new and/or changed data to your file. The result is:

  • Current data: Our data platform is updated annually. This guarantees you the most up-to-date data.
  • New prospects: Achieve more sales by focusing on the unknown prospects within your target group.
  • High effectiveness: Get started on your sales and marketing activities quickly and effectively.

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