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Social media now occupy such a fixed place in our daily lives that it’s hard to imagine that we did without them not so long ago. You can also reach your customers and prospects by social media. Do this to build brand awareness, bring attention to a product, or attract visitors to your website. The assumption that agricultural businesses are lagging behind online is long gone. Research by AgriDirect shows that:

  • About 50% of farmers and horticulturalists use of social media (business and/or private).
  • Of these, 34% are active on Facebook, 22% use YouTube and 8% use Twitter.
  • About 79% of Dutch farmers have a smartphone and/or tablet.


These numbers show that social media also plays a major role in the agricultural sector. But how do you reach your specific target group on these media? We are happy to support you in setting up and implementing your social media campaigns where your target group is located or, if you wish, to develop your own social media strategy together with you. Social media is often part of a total communication plan.

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