Adresses of Arable Farmers

Do you want to promote a product or service to arable farmers? AgriDirect has the most up-to-date and complete database of arable farmers in various countries. We’ll be happy to help you reach your target group through our services and the sale of addresses. The goal is to get you to the table with new customers.


To select the right target group for you, AgriDirect has collected information that enables us to provide good filtering. We can select by region (e.g. postal code or province), size, number of tractors, future plans and by specific crops.

Specific crops


Potato growers
A large proportion of arable farmers grow potatoes. Within the target group of potato growers, you can focus specifically on eating potato growers, factory potato growers, seed potato growers.

Beet growers
AgriDirect’s address database includes fodder beet and sugar beet growers.

Onion growers
You’re also at the right place with us for addresses of onion growers. A distinction can also be made between seed onion and onion set growers.

Addresses of grain growers
Of all the arable crops, grains have the highest proportion. Specific selections can be made, among others, by winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, spelt and other wheat.

Cabbage growers
Cabbage growers are divided into several groups in our address database. We can select for cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and head cabbage, among others.

Other crops
If you are looking for the addresses of leek, salsify, canola, grass seed, green manure crops, commercial crops, endive, or chicory growers, we have them in our database too!

Arable Farming update
The success of direct marketing stands or falls with the quality of addresses. Every year, AgriDirect updates all arable farmers and open field vegetable growers larger than a minimum size. We call this round of phone calls the Arable Farming update. In this annual update, we obtain an overview of the activities and future plans of arable farmers. AgriDirect also offers clients the opportunity to include one or more of their own questions in this update for lead generation or market research purposes.

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