An up-to-date database is key

The first step in approaching your target audience effectively is to use an up-to-date and detailed address database. AgriDirect owns and maintains the most complete agricultural databases in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Poland. The UK database is currently under construction, and we can also offer agricultural information on France through a partner. Every year we update this information with telephone-based sector scans, which are also available for you to use.

In addition to names and addresses, we can provide information such as the following about each agricultural business:

  • Features, including the type and number of animals/acreage and acreage per crop
  • Future plans, including possible expansion plans, succession etc.
  • Investment plans, including investments in machinery, housing etc.

We have the following numbers of addresses of active farmers and horticulturalists available for each country:

  •  The Netherlands: 53,000 addresses 
  •  Belgium: 40,000 addresses 
  •  Germany: 157,000 addresses 
  •  Poland: 26,000 addresses 
  •  United Kingdom: 47,000 addresses 
  •  France: 270,000 addresses
  • Austria: 25,000 addresses

If you are interested in information from other countries, we’ll be happy to source it for you.

Specific information about your target audience
Based on your request, we compile an address database using the selection criteria you ask for. This ensures that you target only the businesses that are relevant to you.

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