Addresses of pig farmers

The database of AgriDirect contains the most up to date addresses of pig farmers. These pig farmers live mostly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With our up to date data these addresses can be approached via email, post, and phone. By means of the opt-in permission of the pig farmers AgriDirect offers the possibility to reach your target audience through email marketing.
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--- Our method are in accordance with the GDPR-legislation so you can use the data of AgriDirect safely ---

Specific selections
Do you want to target a more specific target group than all pig farmers? AgriDirect is able to make very specific selections on the basis of pig species and feed delivery systems. In addition to addresses, our address file contains relevant background information like future and investment plans. The target group of pig farmers can be divided further in several categories:


  • Addresses of pork producers
  • Addresses of breeding sow farms
  • Addresses of cultivation sow farms
  • Other pigs
  • Liquid feed systems for pork producers
  • Liquid feed systems for breeding sow farms

The use of specific selections
With our extensive address file it is possible to reach a very specific target audience by selecting several subgroups of pig farmers. It is vital that your product fits the selection of addresses. For example, your product could be suitable only for pig farmers with a liquid feed systems and not for farms with a different feed system. To select the right target group for you, AgriDirect is happy to give you advise about the possibilities we can offer. The quality of the addresses is checked yearly during the LivestockScanner.

During the LivestockScanner pork producers, breeding sow farms and pig farms with cultivation sows are approached by phone with questions on company activities, investment plans and future plans. The scanner give us the possibilities to always offer you the most up to date and extensive information and thereby guaranteeing that you get in touch with your target audience in the best way possible.
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In what way can you reach pig farms?

  • Postal mailings (buy or hire addresses).
  • Telemarketing promotions
  • (Online) market research
  • Email newsletters (exclusive emailings to email addresses of pig farms)
  • Social media (reach pig farmers on Facebook!)

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