Our professional call centres in Roggel (NL) and Viersen (DE) are in telephone contact with agriculturalists in different countries five days a week. Our telemarketers speak the farmers’ language. Our supervisors and scripting program ensure your questions are asked in a professional way and you can obtain an up-to-date summary of the results at any time. And with our bespoke call system, you can be sure that your call time is used as efficiently as possible. With these tools and our in-depth expertise, we’re perfectly equipped to run a successful marketing campaign or market research for you. 

You can use our telemarketing team for:

  •  Updating and enriching your customer and prospect databases
  •  Market research
  •  Increasing the response rate of your direct mail or email marketing campaign
  •  Lead follow-up
  •  Appointment generation 
  •  Effectiveness measurement
  •  Telesales

Contact us using the contact form to discuss what telemarketing can do for your business.


Our clients

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