Successful online research by using the shipping services of AgriDirect

As a supplier of a wide range of agricultural machinery, Kuhn-Group wants to involve the users of these machines to find new mechanization solutions for the future. They came in with the initiative to conduct an online survey among agriculturalists with the theme ‘processing of grass land’. Since AgriDirect possesses the most complete agricultural databases which also contain email addresses of agriculturalists, the invitations were sent through the digital shipping services of AgriDirect: and

To bring the research to the attention of the right target group (Dutch and German agriculturalists with at least 50 hectare of grass land) a specific selection out of the Agricultural Databases of AgriDirect was made. 

Optimize the questionnaire 
Prior to the shipment, the questionnaire had to be optimized in both languages. AgriDirect supported Kuhn-Group in this. The questions were formulated correctly and the routing of the questionnaire was determined.

Digital shipping services of AgriDirect: the solution for the Opt-In legislation
The Dutch establishment of Kuhn-Group in Geldrop and the French establishment in Saverne, agreed on the shipment through the digital shipping services of and Mid-April the shipment was started. More than a week later, the shipment was repeated to the people who did not open the first email newsletter. The results were very good – there were enough respondents to the research and Kuhn-Group gathered sufficient input to improve their machines in the future.

Aysun Özdemir (employee of the French establishment of Kuhn-Group in Saverne) responds to their cooperation with AgriDirect:
“The reactivity and professionalism showed by AgriDirect has given us a good impression and image of this company. Their support in finalizing and testing the questionnaire was very appreciated. The targeting criteria defined by Kuhn were totally respected and the AgriDirect database made it possible to make the best address selection. Thus, we got a representative sample and reliable data from farmers out of our target group.”


Aysun Özdemir, employee of the French establishment of Kuhn-Group in Saverne


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