Lely: ‘AgriDirect speaks our customers’ language’

Customers come first at Lely International, a global supplier of milking robots and agricultural technology. The company is committed to making life easier for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector with innovative solutions. So the annual customer satisfaction survey is an important indicator that helps Lely International gauge what motivates their customers around the world and whether their objectives are being achieved. 

Last year, for the fourth year in succession, AgriDirect helped Lely run its customer satisfaction survey. The customer satisfaction survey is not just another project. It is a comprehensive study undertaken in 23 different countries in 16 different languages. Every year an international team of call centre agents is assembled. The agents are tested both by AgriDirect and by Lely to ensure that the farmers get to talk to someone in their own language. Last year, our specialist call centres in the Netherlands and Germany conducted telephone interviews with about 2,000 dairy farmers about Lely’s products and services.

Market Intelligence Manager Leo van der Blom explains why the organisation decided to work with AgriDirect again this year: “We have always had a good working relationship with AgriDirect in the past, and we are happy with the quality of the research. AgriDirect has an excellent track record in market research in the countries in which we operate. They know the agricultural sector and the call centre agents speak our customers’ – the farmers’ – language. So we can be certain that the answers will be interpreted and used properly. That is important for us.’

During the course of its customer satisfaction survey, Lely is updated on progress and interim results on a weekly basis. The number of agriculturalists contacted in each country is established in line with Lely’s customer database. Our agents find that the dairy farmers appreciate the fact that Lely gives them a chance to express their views. They present themselves as an independent party conducting research on behalf of Lely. This allows the farmer to speak freely and say what they think of Lely’s products and services, resulting in a pleasant, open conversation between the agent and the farmer.

The customer satisfaction survey helps Lely gain an annual impression of how satisfied their customers in the various countries are. At the end of the survey AgriDirect sends Lely a summary of the results. Lely analyses the results and feeds them back to their national organisations to keep them informed of customer satisfaction trends in their countries. The national teams use this knowledge to further improve the service they provide for their customers. By conducting the customer satisfaction survey, Lely optimises its contact with the customer and can respond even better to their wants and needs. When you are dealing with different markets in several countries, it is particularly important to tailor the survey to the local situation.

Market Intelligence Manager Leo van der Blom comments on Lely’s close working relationship with AgriDirect:
‘The quality of the call centre agents, the way AgriDirect keeps us informed during the project and the constructive way in which they are always thinking about possible improvements in our project are what I believe to be AgriDirect’s real strengths. That is why we like working with this organisation.’ 


Leo van der Blom, Market Intelligence Manager


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