A request from the States

In December of last year, Ryan Oyler, research director at MarketVibes, contacted us. MarketVibes is a marketing- and research agency in Indianapolis (United States). He was looking for German Swine Producers, Farmers, and / or Growers to ask their opinion about a ‘Swine Dysentery research study’. They also investigated whether the ‘swine professionals’ are interested in new products, and if so, what products they were interested in. For this, MarketVibes conducted an online questionnaire.

The online mailingservice agri-treff.de
To draw attention to the online research, MarketVibes needed a partner organization which had an agricultural database with opt-in email addresses available. A Danish partner organization of MarketVibes tipped them to contact AgriDirect. That turned out to be the right move; at AgriDirect we have a unique database of German agricultural addresses where the opt-in email addresses are listed. This means that we’ve specifically asked whether they want to receive an e-mail from our organization. Through the German service agri-treff.de AgriDirect communicates with the German agrarians.

An American – Dutch collaboration became a fact. Due to the time difference, communicating was sometimes hard, but until now, AgriDirect sent out three email newsletters to over 2.500 pig farmers. In the end, this project provided Market Vibes many new contributors for their research.

When we asked Ryan Oyler if he would contribute to a reference article about our collaboration, he responded with his American enthusiasm.
“It is easy to say nice things about your company”, according to Ryan Oyler. “In entering the European Market, specifically Germany, we found a reliable partner, AgriDirect, to collaborate with us as an extension of our research team in the United States. The expert team of AgriDirect is always ready to assist us in connecting with Swine Industry experts and our expectations are met and exceeded time after time. I highly recommend the AgriDirect Team.”




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