Tuesday 23 April 2019

What are the most important information channels for Dutch farmers?

Agrarians think the more important information channel is the trade journal to stay informed of agricultural news. This states more than 68% of the agrarians. When decisions about investments are concerned, conversations with advisors/representatives are most important.

These are the results of the communication research which AgriDirect has conducted in the past months. More than 800 Dutch agri- and horticulturists answered questions about their communication- and information behaviour. This resulted in a representative analysis of the (online) communication behaviour of agrarians. Moreover, all data has been re-weighted to the actual population ratio in the market.

Most important information channels for agricultural news
After the trade journal, the internet is named as the most important information channel with 60.6%. After some distance email (35.1%), conversations with advisors (30.2%) and information via post (21.7%) are most important.

Per sector
More than 70% of agriculturists have named the trade journal as the most important information channel. The same holds for 61% of horticulturist. Notable is that pig- and poultry farmers as the only sectors state that not the trade journal, but the internet is the most important information channel for them to stay informed of agricultural news.

Advisor most important channel concerning investment decisions
When looking at information channels for information on (bigger) investments, a conversation with a representative or an advisor is seen as most important information source in nearly all sectors (total percentage of 70.6%). This is confirmed in the previous communication research.

In short:

  • The advisor plays a central role in the decision process of the agrarians.
  • Your advisor must enter into conversation as much as possible with agrarians willing to invest.
  • The main goal of your communication activities should be that your advisor enters into conversation with the agrarians, so they can be informed about your product or service.
  • Therefore, make sure your advisors can spend as much time as possible on advisory consultations with the farmer.

AgriDirect is happy to help!
AgriDirect maps agrarians willing to invest through yearly actualisation (scans). For several clients we regularly conduct successful telephonic appointment generation projects to make appointments for advisors of our clients with a date and time. Your advisors are unburdened because they do not have to bother with acquisition, but can spend their time directly at the table of your target audience.
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