Tuesday 16 August 2016

Percentage of solar panels on Dutch dairy farms is steadily increasing

Currently, 16.2% of the Dutch dairy farmers have solar panels on their stable roofs. Last year, this percentage was 14.4%. Over the past year, the willingness of Dutch dairy farmers to invest in solar panels has slightly increased.

This is one of the results of the annual inventory of Dutch dairy farmers during the DairyScanner executed by AgriDirect. During this market scan, that took place in the months April until June 2016, a specialized telemarketing team asked around 8.000 dairy farmers (with at least 50 cows) about their future- and investment plans.

Percentage of solar panels is steadily increasing
In the past years, 16.2% of the dairy farmers have invested in solar panels. Four years ago, only 3.3% of the dairy farmers had solar panels on the stable roof. In terms of percentage most solar panels are installed on the farms with at least 100 cows (17.7%). 

Level of investment plans slightly increased
13.4% of the dairy farmers have plans to invest in solar panels in the next few years. In comparison to the year 2015, this is a slight increase (12.6%). So the declining trend which has started in 2013, appears to be broken.  

More solar panels in Dutch arable sector
Compared to the arable sector, the percentage of dairy farmers with solar panels is lower. About a quarter of the arable farmers have solar panels on their farm roofs. 

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