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Opportunities and Threats of email marketing

In order to respect the privacy law, you need to own opt-in consent to approach farmers via email. We are able to send your exclusive emailshot and Facebookadvertorial to your target audience. We send our emails on behalf of the online platform ‘Boervindt informeert’ (‘Boervindt informs’). This is a method by which you can share information about your product or service to your specific target audience. Our database includes 22.000 Dutch, 57.000 German and 5.000 Belgium opt-in email addresses. In this way you can communicate legally with your specific target group.

Agridirect presents this Greenpaper to inform you about the Opportunities and Threats of email marketing.

Why is email marketing so effective?
The goal of an emailing is to draw attention to your product, service or campaign. This is a quick, cheap and measurable way to communicate. In addition, you can reach a lot of people.

  • You can send an emailing with only one mouse click. Receivers too need only one click to click through your landing page. So within a few clicks your target audience is exactly at the place you want it to be.
  • Compared to other services that AgriDirect offers, like direct mail or telemarketing, an exclusive emailing is a lot cheaper because you need less labour costs.
  • In contrast with analog ways of communication, the effectiveness of an email campaign can easily be measured. Opening rates and click rates are important factors.

Opening rates and click rates
The opening rate of an exclusive emailing is between 20% and 30% on average. This means that 30% of the receivers open the email at least once.

The average click rate of the receivers who opened the email is between 5% and 15%. This means that 15% of the receivers show interest in the product or service by clicking at least on one of the URLs in the emailing. The effectiveness depends on the target audience, the content and how many people you reach.

Average openingsrate:                    20% - 30%
Average clickrate:                            5% - 15 %


Successful emailing en Facebook campaign
To reach the highest opening and clickrate as possible, it is important to notice the following aspects:

  • ‘Curiosity arousing’ subject line
  • Interesting content
  • Relevant pictures/videos
  • A good landing page
  • Links to the landing page
  • Lay-out and text in the same style as the landing page
  • Call to action
  • ‘Mobile-friendly’

When an emailing includes all of these aspects, the chance is much bigger that the opening rate and click rate are higher.

Privacy law
Besides the opportunities of email marketing, it is also important to keep in mind the possible threats and regulations, that’s why you need to respect the rules. It is a legal obligation to respect the private situation of receivers. Opt-in consent is an important part. This means that you need to have explicit permission of receivers to contact them via email. This makes it difficult for companies to communicate with their target audience. Opt-in consent is non-transferable, so email addresses cannot be sold. The GDPR doesn’t change anything about that.

Besides the opt-in, there are more rules that we have to keep in mind like rules about the content and about unsubscribing. You can read a summary about the most important rules of email marketing below.

Most important rules in email marketing
(Source: Campaign Monitor)

1. Ensure you have permission to email the people on your list
Most countries email marketing laws stipulate that people need to give you permission to email them in order to send them campaigns. If you don’t have implied permission to email a person, then you’ll need express permission. Express permission is granted when somebody specifically gives you permission to send them email campaigns, potentially by entering their email address in a subscribe form on your website, or entering their details into your in-store newsletter subscribe form.

2. Don’t use misleading header information
For those that may not be familiar with the term ‘header information’, it refers to the extra information sent along with your email campaign, such as the From name, subject line and reply-to address. Email marketing regulation stipulate that you must not include incorrect or misleading information in these fields to try to trick people into opening your email campaigns.

3. Identify your email as an advertisement
You must clearly and conspicuously disclose that your message is an advertisement. The law gives a lot of leeway in how you do this, and you certainly don’t need to specifically state ‘This email is an advertisement’ every time you send a campaign. It’s more about not purposely deceiving your recipients into thinking this is a personal email.

4. Include your address
Most countries email marketing laws stipulate that you must clearly include a valid postal address for your business in your email campaigns. This can be your current street address, a postbox address or an address with a registered commercial mail-receiving company.

5. Include a way to opt-out of receiving future emails from you
Most countries email marketing laws stipulate that your email campaigns must include a clear and conspicuous mechanism for opting-out of receiving email from you in the future, and that this mechanism must be easy to recognize and understand for an ordinary person.

6. Honor opt-out requests promptly
You must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days, since you cannot charge a fee to opt out your receiver, require the recipient to give you any personally identifying information beyond an email address, or make the recipient take any step other than sending a reply email or visiting a single page on an Internet website to opt out.

The solution? Email via
The solution to respect all the rules of email marketing is to use the email platform
Every year we ask farmers for explicit permission to receive our Boervindt newsletters. Growers receive Tuindervindt newsletters. Available in:

  • The Netherlands: more than 22,000 opt-in email addresses
  • Germany: more than 57,000 opt-in email addresses (sent via
  • Belgium: more than 4,700 opt-in email addresses (sent via
Do you want to send exclusive emailings?
We work with you to explore the best way of communicating with your agricultural target audiences at home and abroad, expanding your customer base or achieving better results with your marketing budget. You can find more information here.
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