Tuesday 02 April 2019

More than 4 in 10 Dutch agrarians utilize agricultural apps

43.1% of Dutch agri- and horticulturists have installed an agricultural app on their smartphone or tablet. Most interest goes out to apps providing information about weather forecasts and agricultural news.

These are the results of the communication research which AgriDirect has conducted in the past months. More than 800 Dutch agri- and horticulturists answered questions about their communication- and information behaviour. This resulted in a representative analysis of the (online) communication behaviour of agrarians. Moreover, all data has been re-weighted to the actual population ratio in the market.

Usage apps has doubled
In total 43.1% of agrarians utilize apps. This has doubled relative to 2016 when 21.2% used apps. Cattle farmers and agriculturists make most use of apps (both almost 46%). 38.4% of horticulturists utilize apps. Pig- and poultry farmers make the least use of apps (30.5%).

Weather forecast apps most interesting
Agri- and horticulturists who utilize apps are most interested in weather forecast apps (67.3%). In addition, apps are used mostly to follow agricultural news (43.3%) or to order products (40.7%).

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