Thursday 17 January 2019

More Dutch agrarians active on social media

Almost half of all Dutch agrarians (48.6%) are active on social media. In 2016 this percentage was approximately 44%. 78% of agrarians are active on Facebook, an increase of more than 20% with regard to 2016.

These are the results of the communication research which AgriDirect has conducted in the past months. More than 800 Dutch agri- and horticulturists answered questions about their communication- and information behaviour. This resulted in a representative analysis of the (online) communication behaviour of agrarians. Moreover, all data has been re-weighted to the actual population ratio in the market.

Social media on a daily basis
Almost two thirds of the agrarians on social media is active on a daily basis. 27.7% claims to be active on a weekly basis. Only 2.6% of the respondents is rarely or never active. Furthermore, the results show that young agrarians can be found more often on social media than older farmers. Agrarians younger than 45 years old reach the highest percentage with 62.5%. Of the agrarians older than 65 years, 42.9% are active on social media.

Facebook remains the most popular, Instagram rises sharply
78% of agrarians on social media use Facebook. In 2016 this percentage was only 56.7%. In addition, the usage of Youtube has increased a lot from 27.3% in 2016 to 44.3% in 2019. The most striking rise is that of Instagram. Today, 13% of agrarians use Instagram, in 2016 this was only 2.5%.

Social media for private purposes and news supply
Agrarians report that they use social media primarily for private purposes (67.4%). In addition, 64.3% use social media for reading agricultural news and 21.4% follow news about products and machines.

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