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How effective is your dealer network?

As manufacturer of agricultural equipment, such as tractors, sprayers, combines, milk installments or feed trucks you are constantly on the look for farmers who are willing to invest in these machines. For this you could possibly already have set up an extended dealer channel, have been present at exhibitions to promote your product and have started campaigns in the agricultural media. However, how effective are your dealers in following up the leads you generate? This article gives you an answer to this question.

We would be happy to support you!
To bring attention to your product to the right farmers, AgriDirect would like to support your efforts. For this goal we have years of experience in extending leads to suppliers of agricultural equipment. These leads are addresses of farmers who, during a phone call with AgriDirect, have mentioned they would like to invest in such machinery. The addresses that come forth from these calls are extended to specific manufacturers and are spread within their dealer channel.

Of course, the success of this lead generation program is strongly dependent of the quality of the leads we generate. The main question in this is: do the farmers actually have plans to invest in these machines? But of course a systematic post processing of the extended leads is also of vital importance, so that no addresses are lost. Are the dealers also meeting this need? For these questions, AgriDirect has done a survey.

Do the traced plans really exist?
AgriDirect does not just trace the investment plans of farmers, but also regularly checks if these plans have actually been carried out. A year after the survey of the investment plans the farmers are once again approached to ask about the state of their investment plan. This graph shows the results of a check of lead addresses of four different machines which all found place one year after they have been traced.

Graphic 1

Source: AgriDirect Deutschland GmbH

From this it appears that after one year after the investment plans have been traced, a minimum of 30% (Sprayers) and a maximum of 48% (Tractors) have realized their plans. However, a minimum of 15% (Milking equipment) and a maximum of 33% (Sprayers) has no more plans. This data comes from 2016 (Feeding Parts) and 2017 (several machinery). The associated leads, traced in the scanners of AgriDirect, appear to be of good quality. The systematic post processing of these addresses should inevitably lead to success.

Are the delivered leads followed up sufficiently?
Unfortunately, we do regularly notice that the dealers are unable to take enough time out of their schedule to process these leads. To test this, we have surveyed with three different machines if the farmers with investment plans in these machines are actually being approached by dealers who received these leads. Graphic 2 shows us the following results:

Graphic 2

It is noticeable and worrisome that there is a high percentage of farmers that have not been approached by dealers who received the information that these farmers want to invest. Out of the farmers who were willing to invest in a tractor, only 40% were approached by a dealer. However, 60% has noticed nothing of the concerning brand. During the follow up of the leads for milking equipment and sprayers it even seems that 90% of the investment ready farmers have not been approached by the dealer of the brand that has received the lead addresses. This is quite an alarming result, because important information is being extended.

It appears that it is an obstacle for dealers to approach farmers who are not within the existing clientele. It also seems that it is difficult for manufacturers to keep track of what happens to the leads as soon as the dealer have received them.

A missed opportunity that can be prevented!
AgriDirect would like to support your dealers in contacting the farmers with investment plans. Appointment generating projects are one part of the services in which we can take a lot of work out of the hands of your dealers to make sure that no opportunities are missed.

A review of a completed appointment generation project
AgriDirect has called the extended leads for a manufacturer of sprayers to make appointments for the representatives. These leads were extended roughly half a year before these calls took place. To the farmers the following question was asked:

A Consultant would like to visit you, to discuss the possibilities. May I make a free and non-binding appointment for you?

Graphic 3

This became a successful project. Out of the approached farmers, 33.5% of them were open to plan a meeting with a representative. 18.4% of these were able to make an appointment right away! The farmers who would rather make an appointment later were asked when they would like to be called back. Automatically the following data would appear in the call system, so that no addresses are lost!

It turns out that:

  • The lead addresses that are extended by AgriDirect are of good quality. 70% to 85% of the companies are approached after one year to ask if the plans to invest still exist.
  • 60% to 90% of farmers have not been approached by a representative of suppliers who have received the lead addresses. It seems that it is difficult for dealers to make cold calls with farmers not part of their network.
  • However, AgriDirect would be happy to support these dealers, to take some work out of their hands. Out of the lead addresses in regards to sprayers (older than 6 months), one third of companies have made a specific appointment.

Would you also like to start working with leads?

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