Tuesday 09 April 2019

German agrarians invest in crop protection

More than 6% of the German agriculturists wants to invest in crop protection. The majority is looking to invest in a trailed field sprayer.

This is one of the results from the Agriculture Scanner 2019 of Agridirect. With this inventory Dutch agriculturists were approached by phone. Approximately 40.000 agriculturists (with at least 50 hectares of property) answered questions about their agricultural activities and their future- and investment plans.

Trailed field sprayers are the most popular
59% of the agriculturists wanting to invest are looking to invest in a trailed field sprayer. This percentage is highest in businesses with 400-1000 ha property (75,9%). Almost a third of the farmers want to invest in a carried sprayer. Especially the smaller businesses with 50-100 ha of property are interested in this kind (43.7%). 5% want to invest in a self-propelled sprayer. Businesses with more than 1000 ha of property are with more than 30% of its farmers most interested in investing in this self-propelled sprayer.

What brand and when to invest?
More than a quarter of the agriculturists prepared to invest want to invest in a sprayer from Amazone. Furthermore, 1 in 4 farmers does not have a specific brand in mind. More than 28.2% are looking to invest in a sprayer during the first six months of 2019. 13% wants to buy a sprayer during the second half of 2019 and nearly 15% want to buy it even later.

Current sprayer
More than half of the farmers wanting to invest are currently using a trailed field sprayer, 42.8% use a carried sprayer and 3.7% use a self-propelled sprayer.

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