Wednesday 01 May 2019

Drones in Dutch agriculture doubled

In the Dutch agricultural sector 4.7% of agrarians utilize drones. This means that the percentage has more than doubled with respect to 2018. Last year 1.8% of agriculturists utilized drones.

These are the results of the AgriculuralScanner 2019 of AgriDirect. During this assessment Dutch agriculturists were approached by phone with questions on agricultural acitivities, future plans, and investment plans. Approximately 1000 agriculturists have answered questions about the utilization of drones for optimizing their crops.

Utilization drones to number of hectares
Larger agricultural companies logically utilize a bigger proportion of drones than smaller companies. It turns out that 12.3% of agriculturists with more than 100 hectares of ground utilize drones. For companies with 10 to 20 hectares of ground this percentage is only 1.8%.

Almost 1 in 5 agriculturists is interested in drones
Furthermore, 19.2% appears to be (very) interested in utilizing drones for optimizing their crops. This in an increase of 5.8% with respect to 2018. Last year 13.4% declared to be interested (11.7%).

Interest to number of hectares
When looking at the interest in drones subjected to company size, we see that larger companies appear to be more interested. Companies with 100 hectares or more are most interested in utilizing drones (31.2%). Companies with 10 to 20 hectares of ground are least interested (11.7%).

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