12 June 2019

Results German dairy cattle survey: investment plans are rising

The percentage of German cattle farmers, wishing to invest in milking...

06 June 2019

Communication of Dutch farmers: What stands out?

More than 800 Dutch agri- and horticulturists participated in a...

01 May 2019

Drones in Dutch agriculture doubled

In the Dutch agricultural sector 4.7% of agrarians utilize drones. This...

23 April 2019

What are the most important information channels for Dutch farmers?

Agrarians think the more important information channel is the trade journal...

09 April 2019

German agrarians invest in crop protection

More than 6% of the German agriculturists wants to invest in crop...

02 April 2019

More than 4 in 10 Dutch agrarians utilize agricultural apps

43.1% of Dutch agri- and horticulturists have installed an agricultural app...

20 March 2019

More renovation- than new construction plans in Dutch pig- and poultry farmers

The percentage of Dutch poultry farmers with plans to renovate stables has...

15 February 2019

More construction plans German cattle farmers

The percentage of German cattle farmers with plans to invest in...

17 January 2019

More Dutch agrarians active on social media

Almost half of all Dutch agrarians (48.6%) are active on social media. In...

04 January 2019

Opportunities and Threats of email marketing

In order to respect the privacy law, you need to own opt-in consent to...


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