Research among your own target audience

Thorough market research is a central pillar of your marketing strategy. You can commission a brand awareness survey to find out how well-known your brand is among your target audience. With an image survey you can measure whether your image is living up to your expectations, and a customer satisfaction survey offers you new insights into aspects your customers are happy or unhappy with. The opportunities offered by market research are numerous. 

Representative sample
AgriDirect has the most extensive, detailed and up-to-date databases of agricultural addresses in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Poland. This enables us to select a target audience with great accuracy and draw a representative sample from it. What’s more, available variables in our database can be included in the analysis retrospectively, saving time and money on field work. We can also undertake market research based on your own address database.

Preliminary qualitative phase
If you don’t yet have a clear picture of existing opinions or ideas about a subject and you would like to generate questions for a quantitative market research questionnaire, we offer the option of performing a preliminary qualitative research phase.

Market research can be done in various ways:

  • in writing
  • by phone
  • online. 

Talk to us about the best way to set up successful market research in the agricultural and horticultural sector. Contact us using the contact form >

Our clients

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