Introducing AgriDirect

If you are a farmer or horticulturalist, it’s very likely you’ve received a phone call or an e-mail from us at some stage in the past. So you may be wondering who we are, why we’re calling you and what we do with your data. What’s in it for you when you give us all that information? We’d like to explain! 

Who are we?
AgriDirect has been specialising in direct marketing and market research in the agricultural sector since 1995. Our aim is to facilitate effective communication between you, the farmer or horticulturalist, and agricultural suppliers in a way that enables both parties to benefit. 

Why do we call you?
We speak to agricultural entrepreneurs by phone from our call centres in the Netherlands and Germany every day. This enables us to make sure the business information in our databases is always up to date. 

What do we do with your data and what’s in it for you?
We store the information you give us during the telephone call carefully and effectively in our agricultural databases. On the basis of what you tell us, you will receive targeted information about products and services that are specifically relevant to your business and could be useful to it. 
Of course we cover all of our data according to the GDPR
Here you can find more information about our privacy policy


Our clients

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