Direct mail

Are you launching a new product or do you have an exciting special offer you want to promote? Do you want to invite your target audience to visit your trade show stand or open day? Then direct mail is the right way to reach your agricultural target audience. We can run your mailing campaign for you. Choose from one or more of the following services:

  • Checking your address database and adding to and enriching it where possible on the basis of a careful selection of your most relevant target audience
  • Helping you come up with effective advertising copy for your offering
  • Printing your mailshot, including on your company letterhead
  • Full mailshot fulfilment
  • Reporting the results
  • Effectiveness measurement: how was your mailshot received, read and appreciated? How attractive was the message to the recipient?

Quality guarantee
If mailshots sent to addresses selected from our databases are returned, you will receive a refund of €1 per incorrect address. So you get back the cost of fulfilment, address rental and postage.

Better results
The response to your mailshot will increase further if you combine it with an email reminder and/or a follow-up phone call.

Contact us via the contact form to find out how the different mailshots can benefit your business.



Our clients

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