Addresses of Glasshouse growers

The address file of AgriDirect contains the most up to date addresses and data of glasshouse growers (glasshouse horticulture and floriculture). We have addresses available of companies from the Netherlands, but also of companies from Belgium and Germany among others. By continually updating our database, it is possible to make relevant selections based on up to date data. The companies can be reached by post, by phone, and with the opt-in permission that glasshouse growers have given us, they can be reached by email and social media as well.
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--- Our method are in accordance with the GDPR-legislation so you can use the data of AgriDirect safely ---

Careful selection
With the extensive database of AgriDirect it is possible to make a careful and specific selection. This is also possible within the glasshouse sector. Next to the categories below, we are able to give you information about future plans, investment plans, and other relevant information of glasshouse growers, like a geographic selection (for example per province) or a selection based on the usage of certain agricultural machineries (for example brand of tractor). 

It is possible to make selections based on the following categories:

  • The number of m2 area of glass
  • Addresses of glasshouse horticulture
  • Addresses of pot plant growers
  • Addresses of cut flower growers
  • Addresses of growers of annual garden- and bedding plants
  • Addresses of glasshouse growers with cultivation material
  • Alternative energy (for example solar panels)

Do you want a more specific selection?
That is possible! Within the above named categories it is possible to make selections based on different crops.

  • Within the categories of glasshouse horticulture growers it is possible to select for example addresses of tomato growers (cherrytomatoes, beef tomatoes, vine tomatoes, etc.)
  • The category of cut flower growers can be subdivided in addresses of tulip growers, chrysanthemum growers, rose growers, lily growers, orchid growers, etc.
  • Within the category of pot plant growers we are able to select on foliage plants, flowering plants and specific species.
  • The addresses of annual garden- and bedding plant growers can be divided into addresses of petunia growers, violet growers, begonia growers, and more specific species.

For selections of more specific species, please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

The advantage of specific selections
The biggest advantage of specifically selecting uw target group is that you can adjust your target group to your marketing campaign. If you want to adjust a marketing campaign specifically to glasshouse horticulture growers like tomato growers, or cut flower growers like tulip growers, it is vital that you only reach your target group to make your campaign as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In order to keep our address files of glasshouse growers as up to date as possible all glasshouse growers in the Netherlands and Belgium are contacted yearly during the GlasshouseScanner by phone with questions about their future- and investment plans and other relevant information. It is possible that you participate in the GlasshouseScanner by adding your own questions to the call script and with this gaining exclusive information or generating leads.
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Communicating with glasshouse farmers

The addresses of glasshouse farmers can be utilized in different ways:

  • Buying or hiring addresses for direct mailings.
  • Telemarketing (telephonic approach through our call centre).
  • (Online) market research.
  • Email marketing (exclusive email newsletters). AgriDirect own opt-in permission of glasshouse farmers (!)
  • Social media (reach glasshouse farmers on Facebook)

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