Addresses of cattle farmers and dairy farmers

AgriDirect owns up to date files of cattle farmers/dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany among others. Not only do we have the addresses, but we also have the opt-in permission of many companies to approach them via email.
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--- Our method are in accordance with the GDPR-legislation so you can use the data of AgriDirect safely ---

An extensive file
To work effectively is it important to have additional data of agricultural companies. The database of AgriDirect is therefore enriched with a lot of additional information, like:

  • The number of dairy cattle, young cattle, veal calves (white, red, and pink) and suckler cows
  • The number of tractors and the brands of these tractors
  • The total number of hectares, hectares of grassland and hectares of cornfields.
  • The age of the entrepreneur
  • The future plans, for example whether the companies want to expand or reduce in size or whether a successor is known. The future plans often hint about a company’s willingness to invest.

Because of all recorded information, secure selections can be made. The odds of marketing success are small when a machine that becomes profitable after more than 100 cows, is targeted at a company with only 50 cows. It is therefore better to target only companies with more than 100 dairy cattle. Next to selections on company size, we can also make selections based on region (province, township, or postal code), future plans, number of tractors, 1st and 2nd brand of tractor, biological crops and more. AgriDirect is happy to help you find the best selection criteria.

Quality and updating
The basis for success of direct marketing is a good and up to date address file. In order to keep addresses and additional information up to date, the addresses are approached yearly by phone in our scanners of several sectors. In order to guarantee the quality or our file, we compare our addresses with the data of the CBS regularly.

The CattleScanner
During the spring we call all cattle farms in the Netherlands and Belgium during the CattleScanner in order to update our address files. Additionally, clients can add their own questions to promote market research or lead generation. It is also possible to ask a question only to companies with young cattle, veal calves or companies in a certain region.

Services of AgriDirect

Buying addresses
We can deliver the addresses of cattle farmers among others in the desired file format, for example to fill out your CRM-system or as the basis of your acquisition or research.
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Hiring addresses for direct mailing
If you wish to send a postal mailing only once, hiring addresses is cheaper than buying them. We can do the mail processing for you or we can deliver the addresses to your own mail processor for singular use.
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For more than 20 years AgriDirect has called agricultural companies. Our employees speak the language of the farmer and are able to work effectively.
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Because of our opt-in permission of many cattle farmers we are able to reach them through email. We can make selections based on size and region among others.
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Matching of files
Do you already own addresses of cattle farmers but are these addresses limited, old or incomplete? By matching addresses we can establish with companies have quit, we can add companies and add information like the number of cows. If you want to know whether this is interesting for you, please approach us for a non-committal and free matching analysis.

Market research
Do you want to conduct a market research among cattle farmers? We can deliver you addresses within a desired selection of sample size. In addition, AgriDirect can do the conduction of the telephonic market research for you.
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