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Do you want to promote a product or service to agriculturists? AgriDirect owns the most up to date and complete address file of agriculturists in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Through several services and the sale of addresses we can help you reach your target audience. Our goal is to get you to the table with new customers.
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In order to select the correct target audience for you, AgriDirect has recorded enough information for filtering the addresses. We are able to select on region (e.g. postal code or province), size, number of trucks, future plans and specific crops.

Specific crops

Beet growers
The address file of AgriDirect has growers of fodder beets and growers of sugarbeets.

Onion growers
For addresses of onion growers you also came to the right address. It is possible to make a distinction between growers of seed onions and growers of spring onions and onions sets.

Addresses of grain growers
Of all agricultural crops the grain crops have the largest share. Specific selection can be made to include winter wheat, summer wheat, barley, spelt, and other wheat. If you seek addresses of grain growers, we can help you further.

Corn growers
The cattle farmers are growing corn too, for this reason we update the corn growers yearly in our cattle scanner. We can select addresses of corn growers in our address file, in addition to selecting on the size of the corn crop area.

Potato growers
We also have addresses of potato growers. It is possible to make a distinction between several kinds of potatoes.

Cabbage growers
We have subdivided our address file of cabbage growers in several groups. We are able to select cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and storage cabbage.

Other crops
Are you looking for addresses of leek growers, salsify, rapeseed, grass seed, green manure crops, commercial crops, endive, chicory, or another specific crop, please contact our sales department. We are happy to make a specific count of your target audience filtered on crop, region, size etc.

Agriculture scanner
The quality of addresses makes or breaks the success of direct marketing. AgriDirect updates all addresses of all agriculturists and open ground vegetable growers from a minimal size yearly. We have named this process the agriculture scanner. We map current activities and future plans of agriculturists in this yearly scanner. In addition, AgriDirect offers clients the opportunity to add one or more questions to the agriculture scanner for lead generation or market research.
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AgriDirect’s services

Buying addresses
We can compile address files on the basis of your desired selection criteria. Additionally, it is possible to supplement these addresses with information on crops, size and more.
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Address hire
If you would wish to use an address file only once for a postal mailing, we offer the hire of an address file.

Following up on a postal mailing by phone has proven to be very effective and can increase response up to ten time. Our callcenter agents are specialised in calling agricultural companies and the speak the language of the farmer.
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AgriDirect has the opt-in permission of the most agricultural companies to approach them through our email service
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Matching of files
Are you already in possession of an address file consisting of clients and potential clients? With a non-committal and free analysis we are happy to determine:

  • how many companies have ceased their operations according to us;
  • how many addresses we able able to supplement with up to date information;
  • how many addresses we can deduplicate;
  • how many addresses we can add within your desired target audience.

Market research
We are happy to take telephonic- and online market research within your agricultural target audience off your hands. If you would wish to carry out qualitative research, we are able to sell addresses of a desired sample size.

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